Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A spring moment

Just a precious moment of watching our girls as they play in their favorite tree. The blossoms are at their fullest. And they are living their lives to the fullest right here in this moment...as children often do:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kyla's 7th birthday!

Couldn't resist...more pictures of Kyla's birthday! (Most of the previous posts were of her when she was little...) A good time was enjoyed by all...and she loved mama's carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing! The day was spent playing with a few friends, doing puzzles, playing dress-up, playing outside, pin the tale on the donkey, and unwraping gifts...oh, and of course eating!
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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Almost 9 months

Oh, are we having fun! This little guy has brought so much joy and happiness to each member of the Davis family. His sense of humor is really starting to come to life, and he finds whatever Kyla and Avery are doing to be worthy of a big belly laugh. He's just beginning to try and crawl, so things are about to get quite interesting. At least I have Avery at home during the day with me as another set of eyes! I wondered so much while I was pregnant with him what having a 3rd baby would be like...and it has been (mostly) simply wonderful. Avery has nicknamed him "Buddy". We love our buddy Zach, for sure!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Seven years

My oldest baby turned 7 years old today. I know most parents say this, but I can't believe I've been a mom for 7 years already. I can't believe this baby...this toddler...this little girl is becoming so big. She thinks so independently now. She has so many different opinions. She has ideas...and good ones too! The other day she had the idea of sewing goodie bags out of leftover fabric. We sat down together, cut the fabric, cut the ribbon. I planned on making simple drawstring bags. As I was making them, Kyla said, "But mommy, I was thinking we could just put a hole in each side of the fabric and then put the ribbon through it and tie it together." As I was working, I found myself kind of tuning her out (which, unfortunately happens too often than I would like, but with how much she talks sometimes her words become background noise!...I know, sounds terrible. But do any of you have constant talkers in the family?). But then, after she repeated herself I realized that her idea was brilliant. Easier than trying to make a drawstring bag. It was much simpler and it would look nice.

Kyla is full of life and energy. She never stops moving, never stops creating. I take that back...she will stop moving in order to create. Or knit a scarf. Or sit down to play with her baby brother. She is the biggest helper when it comes to helping us in the kitchen or with cleaning.

Seven. I remember turning seven....

Happy Birthday, precious girl. We love you!
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's been awhile...

And we're back. It's been way too long. Since Zach's birth, actually. Now our little guy is a busy and active 8 month old!
Somehow the minutes roll into hours that morph into days...and those days fly by and make a week and before I know it an entire month has gone by, and what am I doing? Am I capturing these moments? Reflecting and treasuring the present? Not as much as I would like to be doing. And so here I am. I am back and hope to make this more a part of each week.

When we moved to Charlotte, NC in 2007, Kyla became best friends with Ella Basler who lived behind us. Kyla was 3 years old when we moved to NC from Los Angeles. The girls spent so much time playing together during those 2 years. Even though they have not seen each other in over a year, they played together this weekend as if they never missed a single beat. I think Kyla has found a true best friend, and distance doesn't seem to matter.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zachary's birth story

As a full-term pregnant student in midwifery school, I started thinking as Zachary's due date drew closer about the mind/body connection during labor and birth. I thought about how, in Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth, she teaches about how fears can really hinder a mother from going into labor or if a mother is in labor fears have the potential to slow down or even stop the labor. So, I reflected. I went a good 8 days overdue with both Kyla and Avery, and even though being overdue can be perfectly normal, if there was anything I could do to change that possibility this time, I wanted to know because I was getting very uncomfortable! Two nights before Zachary was to be born, Pete and I were sitting on the couch and talking about what it was going to be like to have another baby. I told him that I realized deep down I was scared to have another baby. Not scared to give birth, but scared to have a newborn in the house again. For those of you that do not know, Avery was a very high-needs baby and also colicky. Pete and I really feel that part of the reason Avery was given to us was to keep us humble! From the moment she was born she cried. Little could soothe Avery from day one. Nursing, being held, rocking, bouncing...not much could keep Avery from crying and she slept very very little. The first time Avery gave us more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep was when she was 1 year old. When she was 8 months, we discovered her multiple food allergies. When she was 2 years old we discovered even more food allergies. Between the ages of 1 and 3 Avery had severe eczema that would make her cry and scratch and bleed and interrupt her sleep even more. If you've read this blog, you've read our stories. And now, we were getting ready to enter into an unknown...what would Zachary be like?

Pete reassured me that night as I told him my fears. "Sarah," he said, "remember the meaning of Zachary's name: 'the Lord has remembered'. God knows what we went through with Avery. Zachary will be different than Avery." I was immediately at peace with having another baby and for the first time really looking forward to meeting this little guy and getting to know him.

On Friday, June 11th, my mom came up to take me out to lunch and go shopping for clothes for the girls. It was just the two of us...which was kind of a rare thing, being able to hang out with just my mom. We had so much fun and I really treasured our time together. We had lunch at Panera Bread and then went to Target where I walked up and down those aisles for 2.5 hours. I was so distracted by all the pretty clothes my mom was picking out to buy for the girls. The more I walked, the "stronger" my Braxton-hicks contractions became. But I decided in my head that I would not pay any attention to them, I was remembering what I taught in my classes: it's best to ignore labor until you can't ignore it anymore.

Later that afternoon when we came home I went to the bathroom to find myself loosing my mucus plug (wish we could find a better name for that) :-) It was nice to know that I was probably making some progress, so I gave my midwife a heads-up that something just might be happening. Later that night around 10:30pm or so, my contractions became much stronger, though nothing that I couldn't talk through and there was no pattern to them . I went to bed, but couldn't sleep because of the contractions so I drank a half glass of wine hoping it would make them go away so I could sleep. It didn't. After about 2 hours of increasingly harder contractions that were very irregular I had 2 contractions with the urge to push. I woke Pete up, and Pete called Brynne, one of our midwives. She came over at 1am and found me to be 8cm dilated! I was shocked because I really wasn't even in active labor at this point.

After taking some homeopathic remedies to hopefully pick up the tempo of labor, my contractions definitely became more strong and closer together and I started to really wish we had somehow filled the birth tub up with water, even though earlier on I had told Pete to not worry about it. Now, this is where some of the story becomes a blur. I remember it being dark and quiet. I remember it being so peaceful around me as I labored (even though I was not acting very peaceful!!). I remember kind words of encouragement spoken to me from Pete, Brynne and Deren. There was a respect for birth and the way it happens naturally without interference...that respect permeated the room as I labored in those wee hours of morning.

As labor became more intense, I realized that the contractions were feeling very different than my previous births, I was feeling an intense pain in the front of my abdomen that didn't let up in between contractions. I found out I had a cervical lip. The pain really surprised me...I didn't expect to feel pain like that in between contractions and it felt nothing like a contraction. Contractions were like waves that I could "ride"...but this felt more like a sharp shooting pain that was really difficult to breathe through or find a position that alleviated what I felt. After maybe an hour or so trying to "deal" with this, I realized the only way out of this situation was to have the baby! Brynne told me she could move the rest of cervix out of the way, and we tried once but it was too painful. Then a couple contractions or so later I told Brynne to do what she needed to do so I could push this baby out! She pushed back the rest of the cervix and I finally had the urge to push.

For some reason, pushing caught me by surprise...I felt like it didn't matter what I had read about pushing or the fact that I had pushed 2 babies out already, the intensity of it all overtook me and "pushed" me to the point of complete surrender. I really wasn't "doing" anything, my body was doing the pushing and I knew that I had to get out of the way. I lost all control. (And that's what birth is about isn't it...surrendering and loosing control and just letting it happen). After pushing on my hands and knees some and then flipping over to my side, Zach made his way into the world! I remember after his head came out how BIG his shoulders felt. Brynne said it was because of the way he was holding his shoulders. After his shoulders came out, the rest of him came and Brynne put him on my belly. He was so cute...he was ours :-) Avery had a short cord when she was born, so when I tried to lift her up to see her face, it hurt. So, even though both midwives told me that his cord was long and I could hold him, for some reason I wouldn't reach down and pick him up. That was kind of a funny moment.. I don't know why I wouldn't pick him up...but after his cord was cut, then I picked him up and held him :-) He was so sweet and didn't cry at all. He just looked all around and went right to nursing. He was 8lbs 7oz and 21.5 inches long. Our biggest and longest baby ever. He was born at 6:04am after a 5 hour labor. The girls woke up in their room while I was pushing. Pete told them to stay put and that mommy was having the baby! They were so good and stayed in their room until right after he was born. The girls woke up to their new baby brother!

I cannot be more thankful for our wonderful midwives and for Pete's support. Everyone was so incredible. The girls are in love with their little brother and we are in love with our new son! So far, he's the easiest baby we've had, he rarely cries and sleeps well for us at night. He was born on June 12th, the same day 4 years ago that Pete's mom passed away. He has really lived up to his name so far in more ways than one..."The Lord has remembered".

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brand new

Only seconds old...being handed to mama :-)

In awe of their baby brother....